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Success Story

Business Meeting

Closely-held Owner-Operated

Industry: Distribution

Location: Madison, WI

Size: 130 employees / $75M



Company Bio

A closely-held chemical distribution company known for unparalleled customer service with the retention data and revenue growth to prove it.

“When we finally took our CPA’s advice to get outside help, we were able to solve our problem.”​

-Happy Client


Oliver H.


The owner had a goal of transitioning the company to his oldest son over the next several years and retiring somewhere warm. After his son worked for four years in a corporate setting, his company hired him to work for the CFO. At about 9 months in, his CFO unexpectedly concluded that the son did not have what it takes to be the future leader. While the owner wanted to trust the CFO, he decided to conduct a formal 3rd -party evaluation which confirmed that his son did, in fact, have the profile of a future leader. It also became evident that other employees were missing plans to learn new skills and being looked over for advancement. The bottleneck resulted from outdated budgeting practices that ignored employee development and underutilized the role of human resources. I introduced a new organizational structure and designed a leadership development initiative that solved for both challenges. 

The Result:

This regional distribution firm was prepared to develop their existing employees as they expanded into locations.


Strategic Development

Leadership Development

Group Development

Transition Strategies

Succession Planning
Strategic Planning 
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Business Owner Coaching
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