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The Results Tell a Story

The results of my latest poll indicate a staggering 81% of professionals prioritize "Making an Impact" during their professional lives. The poll also revealed that 9% of respondents value "Personal Growth," while 5% each highlighted the importance of "Recognition" and "Financial Rewards."

Working to make a difference during a professional’s career is clearly important to people. Making a difference refers to the positive impact a person has on important aspects of life beyond themselves. Having a positive influence on the world around nourishes a person’s self worth. This mindset contributes significantly to a person’s overall sense of connection, purpose, feeling of relevance, well-being, mental health, and sense of security. 

The choice to make a difference often reflects deeper internal guideposts around the ethic of care, justness and intrinsic motivation. When someone is motivated intrinsically, the desire to make a difference is driven by their genuine interest in the task or goal. They find the work meaningful and aligned with their personal values, which leads to a sense of purpose. The satisfaction derived from making a positive impact becomes a reward in itself, reinforcing a person’s motivation to continue contributing.


Has this discussion awakened you to more questions? If so, this is a good starting point for coaching!

What specific issue or cause do you want to have an impact on?

How big do you want it to be?

Ready to begin the transformative process of coaching? 

You deserve it!!!


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