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Ecosystem of Excellence

The Ecosystem of Excellence is the Complete Solution.

Ecosystem of Excellence

This program quickly gives leaders visibility into the entire system, the 20 universal dynamics, and how they interact.

This framework expands the range of choices available by broadening your thinking and articulating problems in new and different ways. The principles of this model make you aware that there are no single solutions and that the choices you make will have implications on other parts of the system.  By anticipating the impact of each option, you can minimize its severity and leverage it for opportunity.

Unlike conventional approaches that operate based on precedent within a single discipline, this model takes on complexities and finds unconventional solutions unique to each system.

The Science

First, everything is connected to everything else.  

Emotional dynamics reverberate through your ecosystem invisibly
and unpredictably. My coaching framework allows you to see the complex interplay of these dynamics and realign them with precision to achieve expected and desired outcomes.

Preparing the leader to move through this process, and we remove blind spots, and make it possible to solve complex challenges, shape healthy dynamics, and execute with precision so all aspects of the ecosystem yield optimal results.


The Journey

Dr. Feiner guides you, your family, and key stakeholders through every step of the process.

Starting with a comprehensive Diagnostic that assesses the primary conditions for success. We devise and execute a plan that strengthens relationships, increases enterprise value, and prepares the next generation to steward the legacy. We solve while we advance.


The Process

From seeking to activating Change...


An interdisciplinary program that provides the necessary structure to sequence and streamline all the moving parts for connection, efficiency, and sustainability.


The Outcomes

Ecosystem of Excellence™ will help you:


Finally break free of emotionally charged issues that are preventing growth and succession.


Establish clear growth plans that all family members approve, support and work on together to accomplish.


Gain visibility, circulate ideas, and make confident decisions.


Become a powerful, aligned leader within yourself and for all those in your ecosystem.

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