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People Drive the Numbers

As an executive, board member, or leader of a team, you’re constantly making decisions, weighing options, and using your judgment. Ensure these internal activities stay focused on what you can control so you arrive at the destination you intend.

"People Drive the Numbers" is a critical cause-and-effect mindset. But sometimes determining the right course of action is difficult. During moments of uncertainty, decisions can default to habit or panic when what is really needed is a proactive blend of emotional awareness and reason.

Our reactions often cause us to default to precedent and old habits at the expense of trying a novel approach. It’s critical then that we coordinate our efforts, and reduce reactivity so we can take calculated risks and achieve measured progress in uncertain times.

From de-escalating panic to promoting strong and reliable connections, using tools from psychology leads to effective crisis management.

Leaders are advised to:

  1. Practice emotional awareness for decision-making.

  2. Establish and follow protocols that have cross-functional benefits.

  3. Communicate strategically with all stakeholders.

  4. Form a contingency committee for guidance and planning.

The key takeaway is the importance of maintaining perspective, sensitivity, and good judgment, even as the landscape shifts. By applying psychological tools and focusing on human health, leaders can navigate crises effectively, ensuring rational decision-making prevails over primitive instincts.

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