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Exercise: A Cost of a Problem Calculator

Discover the underlying cost of overlooked issues and harness transformative strategies to elevate your business to new heights. From recalibrating problem definitions to personal mastery, embark on a journey to streamline your business ecosystem.

STEP ONE: Refine Your View of the Problem

Words matter.

  • Identify a specific pain point.

  • Describe the problem in a few sentences:

    • Circle the keywords and swap them out using a thesaurus.

    • Now with several different descriptions of the problem, determine which is most accurate.

    • Change your perspective and find better solutions.

    • Break the vicious cycle.

STEP TWO: Calculate the Real Cost of the Problem

A minor, unchecked issue can spiral, rippling into unanticipated areas of your business, and morphing into fresh challenges. Recognize this – the harmony of your business ecosystem hinges on your capacity to view it holistically and fine-tune its dynamics.

Calculate the Cost by Adding up these Line Items:

  • Identify a specific pain point.

  • Write it down in a brief paragraph.

    • How frequently does it arise?

    • How long have you allowed the problem to linger?

    • What attempts have you made to solve the problem?

    • What is the direct and indirect impact on your business?

Estimate the tangible and intangible costs with the Cost of a Problem Calculator. It's about more than numbers; it's about the entirety of the impact.

STEP THREE: Construct a Problem Timeline

Every challenge has its roots. Often, the genesis of an issue becomes obscured or concealed, leading to information silos, internal divisions, and a misplaced belief in the absence of solutions. Constructing a timeline is vital. It bridges understanding gaps and consolidates team insights.

STEP FOUR: Level Up Your Leadership!

For superior results, personal growth is non-negotiable.

As the leader:

  • What self-examination are you avoiding?

  • How are you broadening your perspective?

  • Who are you having private conversations with to flesh out new ideas?

  • Who’s helping you connect the dots to find the answers that change everything?

Enough complaints. Let's navigate the solution.

STEP FIVE: Immerse Yourself in Your Ecosystem of Excellence

Every element rolling around in your head is intricately linked to your business.

Things that are happening in your family are also impacting your business and vice versa. Since you are the common denominator, consider the compounding value of improving your leadership to advance in all of your goals. Get rid of blind spots. Gain clarity. Move forward.

If you interested in conducting a full exercise, please contact me.

Dr. Stacy Feiner – Psychologist, Coach, Author Crafting Excellence, One Insight at a Time.




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