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Coaching Business Owners to be in greater control of all their endeavors.

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Who I coach

Owners & Entrepreneurs

Principals of Generational Wealth

Athletes and Performers


Stakeholders & Shareholders


Dr. Stacy Feiner

My services

Family Businesses run better when they use psychology to improve the performance of everyone in the Ecosystem.


Intensive Diagnostic

This intensive engagement gives leaders full visibility and access into the interconnected dynamics that ripple through their ecosystem impacting outcomes, and delivers a comprehensive plan of action.


Ecosystem of Excellence™ Coaching

With the Intensive Diagnostic in hand, this 5 phase program puts leaders in control of 20 universal dynamics, solves multiple-challenges at the same time, achieves excellence in all part of the system, and delivers desired outcomes.


Solution-Focused Coaching
A Pro-growth, Pro-health process that aligns the thoughts, emotions, and actions of ambitious professionals to ambitions for achieving personal and professional fulfillment.


Ensure leaders with a company have access to a high performance psychologist, expert at delivering rapid and incisive solutions for emotionally-charged situations that achieve optimal outcomes and reduce risk of costly remediation.

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When you are ambitious, you have everything you need to achieve everything you want.

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