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I am

Dr. Stacy Feiner.

Business Psychologist & Coach 

"Where people are involved,

psychology is involved."


Business Owners

A unique approach that puts owners in charge of the complex dynamics that connect their business, family, management team, and board.


Family Enterprise

A sophisticated approach for leaders of extraordinary families to effectively reshape vital relationships in their entities, ventures and family branches.


Executives & Athletes

A focused approach for elite performers to push the limits and dig deep to gain a competitive edge for a successful trajectory. 

Tom Lix, CEO

Cleveland Whiskey

Stacy is masterful at finding the essential
connections in how I feel, think and do
things that allowed me to achieve all that I thought I could. 

Rachel Andreasson, Owner

Wallis Companies

I couldn’t have gotten here without Stacy.
She is so confident in the process of human
growth and the power of the human spirit, she took me farther than I imagined I could go. The most valuable lessons, I still use today.

Marcie Finney, CEO

Cleveland Cord Blood

When I first started coaching with Stacy, I anticipated every session with dread. Then one day, I protected the ‘hold’ in my calendar with every ounce I had.

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