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How I Work

Family Enterprise

Extraordinary families want all aspects of their lives to be high performing. Yet there are some points in time when attaining this level of excellence in all of your ventures, entities, and family branches feels elusive. Who advises you on how to reach the corners of your world that are unresponsive to your good intentions, wisdom, and generosity? When the leaders of family enterprises want to accomplish more but feel their influence is ineffective and decision making reactive, they wish for a new approach.


Entrepreneurs are compelled to take on the enormous and life-changing experience of running their own company. You carry a lot on your shoulders – you are distributors of wealth, providers to your family, and leaders of a company. You are the nucleus of this ecosystem – parts you do well, and parts not so much. Big job, big responsibility.


Are you restless? You're hitting on all cylinders and there are no obvious holes in your performance. Though you’re always looking to improve, you're at risk of losing your edge if you don't find the subtle insights to exponentially up your game.

Are you stuck? You experience a sense of dissatisfaction that you don’t understand or you can’t fully explain. You’re spinning your wheels trying to put your finger on the problem to make progress.

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