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Image by Nastuh Abootalebi

The unexamined life is not worth living.            ~ Socrates

Tom Lix

"Stacy helped me connect the emotional dots making it easier for me to achieve all that I thought I could". 

– Tom Lix, CEO Cleveland Whiskey

Rachel Wallis-Andreasson

"Stacy is so confident in the human spirit she took me farther than I imagined I could go." 

– Rachel A. Wallis, Owner Wallis Companies

Zion image0.jpeg

"Stacy got my mind clear from distracting and tough emotions so I could focus better on winning."


– Zion Clark, Olympic Athlete, Motivational Speaker


"Even a simple conversation with Stacy is priceless."

– Nick Elmi, Award-winning Chef, Author, Restaurateur 

marcie finney

"At first, I anticipated every session with dread. Then one day, I protected the ‘hold’ for Stacy in my calendar with everything I had."

– Marcie Finney, CEO Cleveland Cord Blood Center


“Stacy prods us to realize we can and must be great.” 

– Michael Ripich, CEO, AT&F Co.

Z David Heller.jpg

“Keep a highlighter in hand when working with Stacy and then implement right away.” 

–  J. David Heller, co-founder and president, The NRP Group

Z Jodi Berg.jpg

“Stacy created a new and strategic approach that gives owners all of the tools and insights to engage talent and drive results.”


– Jodi Berg, president and CEO, Vitamix Corporation

Z John Deignan.jpg

“Stacy’s method is a playbook for getting your arms around the job of leading people.”

– John M. Deignan, president and CEO at Baker Hill

Z Bob Lowery.jpg

“When you start a conversation with Stacy, prepare to be engaged.”

– Bob Lowery, owner, PowerhouseVFX

Lisa Lochner.JPG

"Stacy has an incisive ability to make a quick assessment in a conversation where her advice makes an immediate difference. She is the exact person I want by my side." 

– Lisa Lochner, Vice President Operations at Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital

Z Josh Linkner.jpg

“Stacy illuminates the underlying root cause of both peak performance as well as performance gaps.” 

–  Josh Linkner, Two-Time NY Times Bestselling Author, Co-Founder & Chairman, Platypus Labs

Z Ray Dalton.jpg

“Stacy focuses us on how to be successful, while untangling us from all of the misconceptions and failed attempts of the past.”


– A. Ray Dalton, founder and president, Dalton Foundation

Anne richards.JPG

"Stacy takes every opportunity to push me to use my strengths in the most powerful ways to achieve my mission."

– Anne Richards, President and CEO at Goodwill Industries of Greater Cleveland and East Central Ohio.


“Stacy taps into your psychology - the collection of who you are – to help shape who you become and how you lead.”

– Dan Lewis, CEO, Lobesity​​

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