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Dr. Feiner is an awarded and nationally recognized business psychologist, who has helped many Fortune-ranked corporations, academic institutions, and closely-held companies overcome challenges to reach goals faster than they ever thought possible.

Initially drawn to the complex and intimate work with family systems, I eventually found that my real passion was to bring psychology to business systems where I would have a bigger impact on improving the human condition. 
By now I’ve listened to hundreds of business owners talk about deeply personal experiences owning and running their own companies. They are providers to families, leaders of companies, and stewards of a legacy. By blending psychology, business, and leadership, my method accelerates a business owner’s ability to achieve goals.

My work gives me the great privilege to pay it forward, ensuring that the worthy ideals and missions of others are not abandoned but realized. Tapping into our deepest strengths and calling out those strengths in fellow humans—nothing could be better. Just because a million people think something is a good idea doesn’t make it a good idea. Remember to win in life you must have the confidence to deliver on your own ideals.

  • First, realize you can and must be great. But don't expect to be inspired. Realizations come from being challenged. 

  • Grapple with new ideas, untangle from old assumptions, use better words, and try new moves. Remember, how you define a problem determines how you solve it.

  • Commit every day to doing better than yesterday. Don’t wait. Expect others to do the same.

  • Use your power and privilege to build strong teams and create environments where people do their best work.

  • Think Big. Profitable companies with engaged employees improve the health of our nation.

  • Be a force with a mission and a cause. Embody your greatness.

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