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Owners of Private Enterprise

Owners of family enterprises struggle to solve emotionally-charged dynamics, disappointments and disagreements that impede growth and transition plans. Each person has their own perceptions, motivations, and views of the family history and sense of fairness. When things fester, the ripple effect often crosses into other areas of life.

Unaware that new solutions exist, business owners often remain stuck with conventional advice. The risks are that relationships suffer, wealth is drained, time runs out, and someone lawyers up.

Principals of Generational Wealth

Extraordinary families want all aspects of their lives to be high performing. Yet attaining excellence in all their ventures, entities, and family branches feels impossible. There are corners of their world that are unresponsive to their good intentions, wisdom, and generosity. Even the best intentions can make matters worse.

When heads of families can't improve family dynamics, they risk family estrangement, high-risk behaviors, and legal settlements that sever relationships and drain wealth--and sadly take the fun out of good fortune.

Athletes and Performers

Elite performers live in environments with extreme pressure to excel, severe consequences for under-performance, and fleeting acknowledgment for achievements. At the same time, their minds are distracted by intense self-criticism, emotional isolation, and relationship wounds. Keeping it all under wraps so no one notices often shows up in other ways.

Unaware that new solutions exist, these stressors form mental blocks that risk game performance, trigger a crisis of confidence, and evoke maladaptive behaviors.

Executive Leaders

Ambitious leaders push to achieve at the highest level. Sometimes the trajectory is clear and things are under control, and other times momentum gets interrupted and progress stalls. Leaders are squeezed between personal ambition and mounting external demands making it more difficult to perform at their highest level.

Solution-focused coaching brings all aspects of your busy life into view, untangles competing demands and ensures you advance.

Stakeholders & Shareholders

Wherever you are in your governance journey, independent advisors keep owners focused on moving forward when struck by self-doubt, stalled by a dilemma, at risk of defaulting to precedent or reverting to unproductive patterns of behavior, etc. Additionally, family members and management teams perform better when independent advisors offer outside perspectives.

Good governance champions the mission of the company, shareholders, and stakeholders, and recognizes the relevance of investing in people and culture, and encourage family retreats, surveys, and board development for optimal outcomes.

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